rn” Vancouver – an City Avenue View ” is a shorter photo essay by rick davy about his initially impressions of Canada’s West Coast metropolis. North The us » Mexico.

rn” An American Fault Line ” by Robert Castagna requires on the topic of borders and division and how the traces our governments draw have an affect on the people today who are living close to the edge. His story capabilities black and white images shot mainly all around Tijuana.

North America » Usa. rn” At Function on Central Avenue ” is a photograph essay by Jason Bruner with photographs and recollections of his long stroll in Phoenix, Arizona . rn” Brighton Seaside ” is a photo essay by Lee Clark about her knowledge photographing the neighborhood (and its persons) in southern Brooklyn. rn” Desert Islands ” by Peter Reil will take the reader on a vacation with Peter and his two disposable cameras across the rugged Terrific Salt Lake, Utah terrain.

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rn” Happiest Place on Earth ” is an essay by Peter Reil ly full of his ideas on photographing heavily trafficked tourist spots. It is set at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL . rn” Holiday Lights With CineStill 800T ” is a brief essay by Kevan Wilkinson about his encounter shooting exclusive colour movie at the twinkling Beverly Hills neighbourhood.

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rn” On the Waterfront ” is Kevan Wilkinson ‘s photographic diary of his visit to Noyo Harbor, California – “…[s]ituated alongside the Mendocino coast about one hundred seventy miles north of San Francisco. essaypro essay “rn” Portraits of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Killeen, Texas ” is a collection of photos and interviews by Christian K. Lee documenting the onset of the pandemic in his regional neighborhood. rn” Snyder Quarry ” is a small tale by Peter Reil about his excursion to the town of Granite, Oklahoma and his finding out encounter at the worksite.

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rn” So-So ” is a small photograph tale by Jason Bruner from the suburbs in the American Sonoran Desert. rn” Hunting for Independence ” is a quick picture diary by Kabir Dugal about his mid-pandemic trip across the United states . South The usa » Brazil.

rn”. Casa ” is a assumed piece by laura. mariagabre exactly where she reminisces about her upbringing in a little town, Santa Catarina , among the lush South American mountains.

Obtaining moved to a substantially much larger São Paulo , she talks about the subsequent life-style modifications after leaving her farming community driving. rn” A Slice of the Countryside ” is a photograph essay by marinaguarreschi about her experiencing the pandemic onset in São Paulo , Brazil. rn” Humanidade ” by Stefano Fristachi is a imaginative producing piece with amazing film images from the island of Boipeba in Bahia . South The united states » Colombia. rn” Comuna thirteen: From Violence to New Horizons ” is the documentation of icarium.

imagery ‘s to start with impressions of a Medellín neighbourhood identified for its violent record. South The united states » Venezuela. rn” Every little thing Counts ” is a photograph essay by Natali Herrera-Pacheco that touches on the harsh realities of living in poverty.

Asia » Armenia. rn” Inside of Planet/Outside the house Earth ” is a extensive sequence of pictures by norayr taken at his Yerevan apartment as the town began to shut its doorways down forward of the to start with wave of lockdowns that swept the environment in 2020. rn” Flexibility ” is a big set of film pictures from the Yerevan condominium by sanyokot. 0n9g . Asia » Cambodia.

rn” Cambodia ” is an 8-minute examine about my visit to the Southeast Asian nation with a bloody history and a swath of socioeconomic difficulties – in the center of a jungle paradise. Asia » China. rn” Hexie Hao ” is a imagined piece by JlFeixa on his modern travels via rail across China. rn” Capturing Ilford Pan 400 in Shanghai ” is a diary of a film roll generating its way across the streets of the Chinese metropolis by Lee Webb . rn” Tests the Olympus Supertrip in Shanghai ” is Lee Webb ‘s recollection of the days put in walking all over Shanghai with his new movie camera. Asia » India. rn”India Excursion” – Part Two and Aspect A few – are the tales prepared by Jacob Maracle with a few illustrations of my own.