Arijana Maksimčuk

SpecialityDirector of the company Telemax
Arijana Maksimčuk - the owner of Telemax d.o.o. and founder of the brand City Gecko is one of the top C-level managers in the state with years of experience. She started her career as an economist in foreign trade, then in the banking sector and continued it in the technology sector in the segments of telecommunications and electrical engineering. Most of the projects, in which she was involved, were implemented for the first time. Implementation and acceptance of innovations become its trademark, which is also reflected in the company. City Gecko, which is currently the last big project, is something that was created as a combination of previous experiences and the desire to make a mark on the future to come. The solutions that these brand offers are closely related to Smart City initiatives and the increasingly present digitalization, which, in addition to actions and processes within companies/institutions, is reflected in the processes that are in public space. City Gecko covers this part of the market with its solutions.

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