Bojan Šukalo

SpecialityDirector of Engineering and Delivery, HTEC Group
Bojan was the first employee in the Banja Luka HTEC office. Opening a new office brings many challenges that he has dealt with in a very skillful and professional way and has provided great support in forming a team of 50+ excellent engineers which does not stop growing. The unique culture and energy of the HTEC office in Banja Luka is known throughout HTEC, and Bojan contributed to that to a large extent with his incredible dedication and energy. In addition to being responsible for the growth of this company in Banja Luka, Bojan also leads a couple of extremely interesting projects including Gluware and Preventice, and has participated in the development of very successful teams in all our locations. Bojan joined HTEC Group with extensive and outstanding experience mainly in the telecommunications sector, working as a project leader and analyst in the role of engineering architect on many demanding narrow-tech software projects, using the latest technologies in collaboration with leading companies.

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by Bojan Šukalo