Jürgen Kappenmann

SpecialityExpert and project manager for Karer Consulting
Jürgen Kappenmann is working as a consultant, expert and project manager for Karer Consulting for over 15 years. After studying Law, European Studies and Business Administration in Konstanz, Dublin, The Hague and Florence, he worked as a consultant in various IT and organizational transformation projects since 2006. The focus of his projects is strategy development, ITSM processes and organizational change management. His industry experience includes automotive & manufacturing, energy, finance & banking, public sector and pharmaceuticals & chemistry. As Karer Competence Lead for DigitalX projects and expert in the areas of digital transformation, open innovation and entrepreneurship, he advises companies (corporates, SMEs) and associations in these areas. His regional experience in the Western Balkans comprises over 10 years of private sector development and digital transformation projects in different countries including the establishment of the CDT in Serbia.

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