Karlo Kukec

SpecialityManaging director at TechPark Varaždin
Karlo started his professional career in 2007 in a software development company. In 2008, he took the role of an assistant manager at TechPark Varaždin to write project proposals, manage projects and mentor startups. During his work at TechPark he helped over 40 SMEs receive grants for early stage development of their innovative products and services via national PoC (Proof of concept) fund. His international project management experience includes implementation of over 30 EU funded projects. He is one of the founders of Voogle, an initiative that mentors startups, provides them access to the required know-how and accelerates their growth. He is head of the Voogle conference organization team. In 2017 he won the Ignite pitch competition held at the International conference on business incubation in Seattle, Washington. In January 2018, he became the managing director of TechPark Varaždin and oversaw the implementation of a 4040 sqm reconstruction project and implemented new initiatives such as Voogle accelerator, TechPark TrepDays, MakerSpace Varaždin and WorldChicago in-country partnership.

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