Marin Jozić

SpecialityFounder of Linnovate TP and president of the board
Marin Jozić is one of the founders of Linnovate TP and the president of the board. Linnovate Technology Park is an organization founded with the aim of strengthening the development of entrepreneurship and improving the economy of Hercegbosna County, which will contribute to economic development through technologically advanced business, high quality and motivated workforce, stimulating entrepreneurial and investment culture, and strengthening exports and diaspora ties. Marin is also the founder and CEO of COX 4 company, which has been operating in the market for over 7 years and is primarily engaged in providing services in the business process digitalization sector. He is the creator of an innovative solution- the xTend platform, intended for the real estate market. The development of this product was made in cooperation with Linnovate TP in the last 5 years, where with the help of several people they successfully completed a research and development project in Livno. Marin has a master's degree in computer science, with over 15 years of work experience in the IT sector. He worked on software development and system administration in local companies. He is also an enthusiast and fan of entrepreneurship and economic development. He started his career working in INTERA Technology Park, as well as engaging in the development of the local cluster Mostar Software City, and continued as an entrepreneur successfully leading Linnovate TP.

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