Radiša Vićević

SpecialityAssistant Director for Infrastructure and Investments in the Science and Technology Park Belgrade
Many years of experience in the field of infrastructure management and technical systems, as well as significant experience in production. In the last 10 years, he has been focused on the development of innovation infrastructure, especially in the establishment and development of the first science and technology park in Serbia. The particularity of the development of such a model in our conditions and paving the way for others, meant commitment to understanding innovation and the world of startups as well as designing content that will enable mobility and interaction in order to develop innovation. The development of dedicated laboratories and makerspaces encourage young people to orient themselves towards value-added hardware products, and previous production experience has proved valuable in mentoring startups in terms of technological feasibility. He is also actively involved in creating an innovation ecosystem in the country, and these unique experiences have proven to be very important in advising on the construction and design of the content of new NT parks in Serbia.

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