Vedran Šimunović

SpecialityDirector of Intera Technology Park
Executive Director of the Foundation for Innovation and Technological Development (INTERA Technology Park). Foundation established in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim of organizing support to the development of economic processes in the region of Herzegovina. Implementing more than 30 different projects from domestic and foreign donors, INTERA Technology Park as a Digital Innovation Hub is a reliable partner in creating a better business environment through digitization, digitization and digital transformation. Vedran Šimunović is active in the implementation and promotion of new technologies in business enterprises, the region and cities through the organization of business meetings, creating opportunities for internationalization, and hacking for the development of smart cities. He has worked on research into sustainable smart cities and the implementation of digital business processes as a business mentor and part of the European entrepreneurial network. He has previous work experience in the metal sector as a manager for negotiating with foreign suppliers.

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