Adnan Šteta

SpecialityMinister of Transport of the Canton of Sarajevo
Minister of Transport of the Canton of Sarajevo, Adnan Šteta was born in 1980 in Mostar. He is an expert in the field of economics with extensive experience in crisis management and sales. He spent eleven years as an employee of the Agrokor Group, where he served as the director of Velpro Ltd Sarajevo as well as the CEO and board member of Konzum Ltd Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to these positions, he also served as director of trading and category management as well as retail and marketing director at Konzum. Before moving to Agrokor Group, he was a retail manager for the Bosnian company Drvopromet Ltd Sarajevo as well as for the Italian brand Pitarello. He began his career in 1999 at Luciano Lamma, an Italian humanitarian organization, where he was the head of programs and projects for that organization, such as maintaining contact with all care homes for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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