Srđan Krčo

SpecialityCo-founder and CEO of DunavNET
Srđan Krčo, PhD, is a co-founder and CEO of DunavNET a company designing turnkey IOT solutions for Smart Cities, agriculture and industry. Srđan has over 20 years of experience in working with multinational companies and international research and innovation projects. He was the coordinator of H2020 project TagItSmart, which, through collaboration of 30 partners across Europe, has designed solutions to improve transparency in the logistics chain in the field of food production, and, in general, in the FMCG domain. Srđan is one of the founders of the International IoT Forum and he actively participates in the work of the organization's AIOTI (Alliance for IoT Innovation). He is the author of over 15 patents and of over 100 papers at international conferences and magazines. In 2007, he won the Innovation Engineer of the Year Award in Ireland. Srđan is a frequent speaker at international events engaged in IoT technologies and their deployment, he is a member of IEEE (senior member), and for the last 3 years, he has the MVP status for IoT activities awarded by Microsoft. In his spare time, Srđan works with students on the business aspects of IoT and digital transformation at FEFA, as well as at the African Center for IoT in Rwanda.

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