Tarik Hamzić

SpecialityMODERATOR: Vice President of Operations @ Ministry of Programming
Professionally raised in global powerhouse Siemens where he gained interdisciplinary corporate experience, including expertise in sustainable solutions for city infrastructure. Proven record in taking part to create one of the most efficient public enterprises in the country, JP Sarajevo, where he was both CFO and CIT. Consultant on management systems, innovation, and smart cities; certified chocolatier and passionate smartivist. Proud Vice President of Operations at Ministry of Programming, a tech company based in Sarajevo that specialises in building world-class start-ups. Together with its partners, the company’s brilliant in-house team of professionals has developed search engines, social networks, trading systems and virus-detection software. Three start-up clients have been recognised by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet, and have also ranked in the Digital Top 50 Awards. In 2017, the business received an award from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Foreign Investment Council, marking it as the country’s most innovative company. In 2019 ranked 21st fastest growing Tech company in Central Europe by Deloitte.

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